Bus Features

A1 Buses of various sizes seat from 12 to 84 passengers.

Bus features include:

- Interior overhead luggage racks
- Under-bus luggage compartments
- Stereo systems for CDs, Mp3 Players & iPods
- Trailer Hitches
- Wheelchair equipped units
- Airporter/coach bus individual seating
- Air Conditioning

Please note that not all features are available on all buses . If you require a specific feature, please request it on the Quote Request Form. We'll do our best to match your needs with a bus that has the features you want.


Safety Certified

A1 buses are clean and undergo stringent and regular maintenance.

Our fleet is Safety inspected (MVI) every six months and carries the highest level of insurance available through ICBC ($10 million/bus). Many A1 buses also carry School Bus Certification (an additional level of safety certification over and above the basic MVI inspection required by law).

Copies of safety and insurance documents are available upon request.



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